A Bumper year for Social Solar’s “One Dollar One Watt” program

solarYour money donated to our “One Dollar One Watt” program has been working really hard this year.

BREAZE’s Social Solar program has assisted with the installation of 35 kW of solar power for a number of social housing residents and will be installing another 68 kW later this year. We are in the process of sizing the new developments as this article goes out.

These projects could not happen without the generous support of other organisations such as the State Govt, aMAZEing Ballarat, Buninyong’s Smart Building and Living Expo and Bank Australia.

If you'd like to help to help in spreading the benefits of Solar PV across the roofs of Ballarat's not-for-profits, register for the

Social Solar Action Group Zoom Meet-Up on Monday 28 September from 6-7 


As these projects finish we will make more announcements so you can see where this money goes and can thank the generous organisations that have made these developments possible. 

The name “One Dollar One Watt” is a catchy name, but it is a misnomer. Did you know that under this program BREAZE’s Public Fund
  • identifies worthy recipients and willing generous donors.
  • sizes the required solar panels for the recipients.
  • applies to generous donor organisations for more funds.
  • organises the installation.

So in effect, with the leverage of your seed money by donations from generous donor organisations, every dollar you donate is multiplied by up to ten dollars. We should have called it “One dollar Ten Watts”. Of course that is the best possible case and the leverage is not always so great. So that name would be misleading too. But you get the idea.

We always need seed money to start this process and this is where your donations come in. Because we have had such a successful year the funds we have for this program are dwindling. Please consider donating to this cause which not only reduces carbon emissions for everyone but makes electricity cheaper for people in straitened circumstances who do not own their own houses.

You can read more about this and donate through our Social Solar Program pages on the BREAZE website.

In the future BREAZE will be investigating the effectiveness of adding other carbon reducing technologies for social housing such as batteries for power and heat pumps for hot water.
Read the article by Rochelle Kirkham in The Courier (20 September 2020)