solarYour money donated to our “One Dollar One Watt” program has been working really hard this year.

BREAZE’s Social Solar program has assisted with the installation of 35 kW of solar power for a number of social housing residents and will be installing another 68 kW later this year. We are in the process of sizing the new developments as this article goes out.

These projects could not happen without the generous support of other organisations such as the State Govt, aMAZEing Ballarat, Buninyong’s Smart Building and Living Expo and Bank Australia.

If you'd like to help to help in spreading the benefits of Solar PV across the roofs of Ballarat's not-for-profits, register for the

Social Solar Action Group Zoom Meet-Up on Monday 28 September from 6-7 

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1 1 Watt unitingAnother successful project was officially launched in the Social Solar Program. 

State government, Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions and Eureka Orienteers funded the installation of 10kW of solar PV panels on the roof of the op shop on Howitt Street.

The project will produce 40kWh per year, resulting in operational savings of around $3200 that will be used for Uniting Ballarat's programs Lifeline Ballarat, BreezeWay Meals and Meals for Change. 

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amazeing ballarat

On Saturday 1 December the Eureka Orienteers conducted its annual aMAZEing Ballarat team competition in Buninyong. Entry fees totalling $910 were donated to BREAZE’s Social Solar Appeal, meaning the competitors have effectively funded a 1kW of solar panels for installation on our next project. We thank organiser Monica Dickson for the support and encourage our readers to enter a team of 2,3 or 4 in next year’s event (which is always held on the first Saturday of December).

2018 03 cheque hand over to breazeEvery year the Smart Living and Building Expo donates the money raised from its Auction and Raffle to a sustainable cause.

This year they have generously donated $1,500 to the BREAZE social solar program.

The Smart Building and Living Expo showcases local sustainable building and lifestyle services and products for people planning to build or retrofit sustainable homes, and those interested in sustainable transport, lifestyle and food choices.

It runs on the last Sunday in February each year, in Buninyong. and provides an opportunity for the community to come and talk about all things sustainable.

While presenting the cheque to Paul Duggan, board member of BREAZE, Andrea Mason , director of the expo said:

"The successful Auction and Raffle team, led by Belinda Wardle were excited to donate this money to the social solar program.  It is great to see the benefits of efficient, cheap and clean solar power being able to be used across the whole community."

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BREAZE has launched its new Social Solar Project.1for1watt trans

For every $1 donated, one Watt of power will be put onto social housing.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donate now!

Social or affordable housing is rental accommodation provided by not-for-profit organisation. For example, Uniting Care housing, for those in accommodation stress. 

The first installation will be in Delacombe next month.

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1for1watt trans


One Dollar for One Watt

BREAZE's One Dollar for One Watt project is looking for groups or organisations that would like to raise money to help us install  solar panels on affordable or social housing in our region. This is an important project because it means more renewable energy, reduced emissions and improved social justice

If these are important issues to you, your group or organisation, then contact BREAZE and start fundraising for the future today.

The One Dollar One Watt Appeal has installed solar panels on many social housing projects, using the slogan for every $1 donated, one Watt of power will be put onto social housing. Social or affordable housing is rental accommodation provided by not for profit organisations.

Donations received are collected and deposited in the BREAZE Public Fund Account, which is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. The Fund is listed on the register of environmental organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997). It is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (GDR status) under Australian Taxation Office rules.

BREAZE has been successful in supplementing its Social Solar donations with grants from government and community funds so that the impacts of funds raised are maximised across our region.

Our Fundraising Achievements to Date

  • 24kW of solar panels installed across 8 social housing sites managed by United Housing.
  • 10kW of solar panels installed at the Uniting Church’s Howitt Street Opportunity Shop in partnership with a Victorian Government Renewable Community Grant.
  • 10kW of solar panels installed at McCallum Disability Services Supported Independent Living facilities in Ballarat.
  • 30kW of solar panels installed at Ballarat Regional Industries’ Sebastopol facility providing training and employment to clients with special need.
How Can Your Organisation Assist?
  1. Consider One Dollar One Watt as an ethical beneficiary for your next fundraising event. 
  2. With every dollar donated we can guarantee at least one watt of renewable energy will be provided to people who cannot generally afford to source green power.
  3. Partner with the One Dollar One Watt Program to make your Donations Go Further.
  4. If you are raising funds for social equity outcomes, our Public Fund committee has a good track record of sourcing additional funds from Federal, State, local governments, community funds and benefactors. Your legacy could be the gift of an asset that continues to make a difference for over 20 years.
  5. Publicise our One Dollar One Watt Program– please circulate information about our appeal to your staff and clients. Information is available with images on our webpage and BREAZE Facebook page. We also welcome the opportunity to work with local business to tailor a proposal.
What Benefits Will Arise from A Donation?
  1. Each donor is provided with a tax receipt indicating the donation carries DGR status.
  2. Publicity is provided when installations are completed, which will acknowledge major donors and partners.
  3. The solar electricity, solar hot water and or heat pumps installed will provide financial relief for the managers of social housing and their clients, reduce our region’s greenhouse gas emissions and provide assets that continue to provide these benefits for decades.
How Can Donations Be Made?
  • BREAZE Website has a scrolling feature with links to our payment methods through Give Now.
  • You can mail cheques to BREAZE Public Fund PO Box 1301 Bakery Hill VIC 3354.
  • Through BREAZE Facebook Page follow the Donate Now instructions
For Further Information: 

Contact BREAZE Public Fund Member Ian Rossiter by email or phone  0467 220 442 to discuss how the BREAZE Social Solar Program can work with you or your organisation.

1for1watt transOne Dollar for One Watt

A $1 donation to our Social Solar program funds 1 watt of renewable energy and more renewable energy means fewer emissions! How good is that? But One Dollar for One Watt equals even more.

Each time a combined total of $1,500 is donated BREAZE, we will install 1.5kW of solar panels on the roof of a social housing property. Depending on the size of the house, 3kW of solar panels may be needed, so BREAZE will do this when a combined total of $3,000 has been donated. (For those of you who watch the price of solar panels, you will know that 1 watt of solar costs a bit more than $1, but the shortfall will be made up with other money.)

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There are multiple way to donate to BREAZE.  The options are given below.

Please note that all gifts, above two dollars, are tax deductible.

If you want to use your Visa or MasterCard, then go to the donation site GiveNow and follow the prompts. You will be issued with a tax deductible receipt straight away, then GiveNow will forward your donation to us. Many charities use this site.

If you want to donate via a Direct Deposit or cheque, then stay on this page and follow the prompts. We will issue you with a receipt within a week of receiving your donation.

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. The BREAZE Public Fund is a public fund listed on the register of environmental organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the income tax assessment act 1997.
Online Direct Deposit Post a cheque


Bank Australia
BSB Number: 313140
Account Number: 12024478
PO BOX 1301
Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.
The BREAZE Public Fund is a public fund listed on the register of environmental organisations under item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the income tax assessment act 1997.


More solar for McCallum at Beaston Way

McCallum Beaston WayIn 2021-2022 BREAZE Social Solar funded a 6.6kW system for the first of three Special Disability Accommodation residential developments built for and owned by McCallum Disability Services.

In 2022-2023 BREAZE plans to replicate this 6.6kW solar system on McCallum's other two accommodation units. Be assured that every dollar you donate to our One Dollar One Watt Give Now campaign will take us one step closer to achieving that goal and helping this great local organisation. We will also be applying for grant monies when we can, leveraging public donations to secure government funding.


 Good for the Environment: Great for the Community

Social Solar byMcCallum BREAZE uses donations and grants to supply solar panels and/or solar hot water or batteries, to not-for-profit community organisations. This results in more renewable energy in our region, reduced emissions and social justice—which is exactly what BREAZE Inc.stands for.

Our first project was 30kW of solar panels for Ballarat Regional Industries' (BRI) Walker Street factory. BRI estimate that the savings they will make from their reduced electricity costs will allow them to employ up to three more people with disabilities. This is a terrific social bonus on top of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions — the key positive environmental outcome. This project is now complete.

Our second project, called One Dollar for One Watt, was a collaboration with social housing providers to put solar panels and/or solar hot water on suitable properties. This is an ongoing project where we ask other organisations and groups to fund raise on behalf of BREAZE. For details about fund raising for the project, then then please read our Fundraising Information.
1for1watt trans

Since 2016 BREAZE has contributed 67kW  of Social Solar. We'd love to make that 100kW by the end of 2020.  If your business or employer is keen to make a difference let them know about our Social Solar program - check out our fund-raising link and get in touch. 

For further information email .



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