Building Better Homes for the Future Forum Recording is now available!

In October BREAZE held a very well attended industry forum to discuss how new housing in Ballarat can be built in a more sustainable way.  A robust discussion of the opportunities and barriers was explored on the night, including practical ways to source and use more sustainable materials, and ways in which the planning process can help or impede building housing that is more sustainable. One of the key messages that came out of the forum was the need to educate the community about what is needed to make our homes more sustainable. In November local architect Matthew Turner presented at the Ballarat Green Drinks session on: “The Future of Home: Sustainable, Accessible, Affordable” at the Lake View Hotel.  More forums on Building Better Homes are planned in 2023 - watch this space for details.

Enjoy viewing these excellent presentations at your leisure. 

Paul is a practising architect and Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Architecture and Building. He helped steer environmental and architectural outcomes for Mullum Creek - a peri-urban eco-housing development in Donvale Victoria that has generally been considered best practice sustainable development. 

Bradley Hall’s presentation 
Bradley is the Group Managing Director of Chatham Homes he has a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University and as you will probably guess from this, he likes to shake things up. He has a passionate interest in driving change in the building industry with a focus on environmental sustainability, climate resilience and health. 

Joseph van Dyk’s presentation
Joseph is a Director of regional-focused developer Hygge Property and has nearly 20 years’ property development experience in Australia and the UK, specialising in residential and mixed-use led developments for private . His presentation focuses on the development principles used by Hygge which aim to be ahead of standards/requirements.  Including:  Design-led development, Sustainability in brownfield locations, using 100% green power and no reticulated gas; Housing diversity, Energy efficiency and alternative transport. 

Natalie Robertson's Presentation 
Natalie is the City of Ballarat Director of Development and Growth.  Natalie has an extensive background in Statutory and Strategic Planning, Regulatory
Services and many major projects related to economic growth and development. Natalie has a Graduate Diploma in Urban, Rural and Regional Planning and is studying a Master of Business Administration. Natalie’s presentation focuses on how the City of Ballarat is moving towards more sustainable buildings and a net zero future.

Panel discussion - all presenters

Facilitated by Nick Grylewicz, Integra's Director of Land Development


Ballarat Green Drinks 11The first Ballarat Green Drinks for 2023 on Thursday 16 February is the Solar Citizens Electric Ute Roadshow presented by Ajaya Haikerwal and Ben Lever. The ute will be there for all to see and Ajaya and Ben will also be talking about how Fuel Efficiency Standards can help the clean transport transition.

The Ballarat Green Drinks program for 2023 includes a diverse range of topics, from EVs to bee-keeping, to green power initiatives, to cooking with induction cooktops and more. We've kept the old timeslot - third Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm – but we's changed the venue. 

NEW VENUE: The Bunch of Grapes Hotel, 401 Pleasant St South
BOOKING VIA TRYBOOKING:  - to secure your seat & i-calendar entry 

As Christmas 2022 approaches it seems timely to recap and reflect on BREAZE Inc. achievements for the year - along with our ongoing activities we've had some big ones:   

• Via our leadership of the Grampians Community Power Hub, delivered by Sustainability Victoria we identified 46 community renewable energy projects: from feasibility studies for rooftop solar installations for local not-for-profit organisations, to contracting expert facilitator discussions on governance for a community-solar farm, to scoping a community renewables power hub, to first stage feasibility studies for community battery trials – along with extensive Level 1-2 energy audits for the Grampians Health Service on five sites across three regional locations. We estimate the potential total capacity of this pipeline as 12MW. Sometimes, however, the outcomes were not what we wanted. Community batteries we found, were more complicated than we had thought - the contractor Orkestra, has written an interesting article on the topic. BREAZE volunteers - Peter Boadle, Paul Duggan and myself – committed a $242,200 in-kind contribution to the G-CPH, which ran from 1/7/21-30/6/22. Thanks in large part to our Hepburn branch partner led by Hepburn Energy, we also implemented five projects - rooftop solar, btm batteries and heat pump bulk buys. 

•  To promote environmentally sustainable design (ESD) and initiatives undertaken by the City of Ballarat Planning Department in collaboration with CASBE, a subcommittee of BREAZE Board members – Sally Missing (Coordinator), Sue Broadway and Pat Hockey – organised the Building Better Homes for the Future Forum. Over fifty local developers, architects and builders attended to hear a panel of speakers, led by renowned ESD architect Paul Haar, discuss the possibilities for reducing emissions across the building sector – which contributes 30% of GHG emissions. The video recording of the event can be viewed here.

  • Via our membership of the Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (RSAB) BREAZE Inc. was also involved in the development of the City of Ballarat's Plan for the Net Zero Emissions Ballarat 2030 target This target has been a long-held goal for BREAZE and we look forward to working with the wider community and the Council in promoting and advancing the Plan in 2023.

  • BREAZE Social Solar also kicked some goals: in 2023 we look forward to implementing the Woodbine Inc. Solar Project (58.2kW) in Warracknabeal – to be Project Managed by BREAZE Board member and Renewable Energy Consultant, Vany Gunaratnam – thanks to funding from DELWP's New Energy Jobs Round 6; and to installing two more 6.5kW solar systems on McCallum Inc.'s accommodation units in Ballarat, thanks to a grant of $7,250 from CoPower's social renewables fund. and to the BREAZE Public Fund, chaired by Ian Rossiter.


Environmental Stalls at Lucas 10 Year Party and Sunset Community Market

2022Lucas 3Many thanks to Heath Steward, Senior Sustainable Policy and ESD Officer at the  City of Ballarat, who invited BREAZE to be part of the Environmental space at the Lucas 10 Year Party on  Friday 2nd December.

2022Lucas 4
It proved a great way to meet the locals and talk about the environment. Council staff from Waste and Environment led by HoD Les Stokes were out in force talking about the Circular Economy.

But it was the community group Gardens for Wildlife (GFW) who stole the show with boxes of tube plants - all natives - to give away.

Shout out to the CoB nurseries and Sustainability Officer Dan Siemensma for providing the trees. Sam Strong from GFW and Dan had their work cut out advising on planting and placement of the natives - cool trees that went like hot cakes


Smart Living Ballarat

Smart Living Ballarat talks host, Ellen Burns, is holding the last session for 2022 as a  face to face workshop on How to make Comfrey Balm at Barkly Square. If you find it booked out, don't despair, Ellen had also arranged Facebook livestreaming so you can still join the workshop online. Just in time for Christmas, the 21 December Smart Living Ballarat workshop on making your own comfrey balm, a beauty product, is a chance to make gifts for your sustainability-aware friends and family members. Get your tickets here:

Ballarat Green Drinks

A BREAZE sub-committee will be confirming the program for 2023 shortly. The program will run from February to November on the third Thursday of every month, from 6:30-8:00 pm.

The BREAZE Board will be discussing ideas for BREAZE in 2023 at our final meeting on 19 December. If you have any thoughts on what we should be doing please get in touch and I will forward you the zoom link. 

Many thanks for your membership and support throughout the year for the work of our volunteers. 

Finally, thanks to our volunteers and Board members for all the work we've accomplished this year. It's been great working with you all.

Wishing everyone a relaxing, Covid-free and low carbon Christmas.

All the best,


Dr Mary Debrett
President, December 2022                                                     


SLB December 2022

Lidwine Oliver is a Ballarat local who makes her own beauty and skincare products at home.
She will be demonstrating how to make a multi-purpose comfrey and plantain balm moisturiser.
The session was held in person at the Barkly Square kitchen across from A Pot of Courage.
The session was streamed live and posted to the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page.
Smart Living Ballarat is a monthly series of free workshops, looking at different aspects of sustainable living.
SLB, hosted by Ellen Burns is a collaboration between BREAZE Inc. and the City of Ballarat.

 MD2030 Zero Emissions Ballarat Plan

The City of Ballarat Council unanimously endorsed the 2030 Zero Emissions Ballarat Plan at the Council meeting on 26 October. BREAZE made a submission advocating for a public launch for the plan and for an awards competition to drive community awareness and participation. We will continue to urge Council to work with the Ballarat community, particularly via our many volunteer groups dedicated to climate action, living sustainably and conserving the environment. This is a terrific initiative by Council. Given a Zero 2030 target has long been a key part of the BREAZE Inc. mission we are particularly pleased to see this policy endorsed. However, we know that it will require ongoing community advocacy and active engagement to drive the lifestyle changes needed to achieve the necessary emissions reductions. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how we can advance this very important community goal. The Plan can be found inside the Council Agenda (Item 8.8 on page 312) for the 26 October meeting on the Council website - scroll to the bottom of this page

New Energy Jobs Fund Round 6

BREAZE has been successful in its application for funding from DELWP's New Energy Jobs Fund Round 6 - for a project to install rooftop solar on five properties owned by Woodbine Disability Inc. which is based in Warracknabeal, Yarriambiack. Scroll down this link to see the announcement. Woodbine Disability Inc. was the focus of a feasibility study undertaken through the Ballarat Community Power Hub back in 2019. Capacity issues at that time limited the scope for installation. Fortunately, some of those network capacity issues have since been addressed. Now, with the help of the NEJF6 funding, along with the matched funding from Woodbine Inc. and BREAZE, we can complete the project. 

Candidates Climate Forum

With the state election on 26 November approaching, BREAZE held a forum at the Ballarat Tech School on 13 November, inviting candidates standing in the three electorates of Eureka, Ripon and Wendouree, to come and answer questions from the public on their policies to address the climate emergency. There was a very narrow window between the closing of the Victorian Electoral Commission's register of candidates on 11 November and early voting opening on Monday 14th November. As reported at the Forum, BREAZE invited all candidates, even the very minor party candidates who registered in the last two days. Eleven candidates accepted, with two of these cancelling late, due to unexpected events, and one no-show – Paul Tatchel (Liberal Party) Eureka. Formal apologies were received from: Eureka - Wendy Morrison (Animal Justice Party), Michael Ray (Independent), Nicola Reid (Independent) and Michaela Settle (ALP). Ripon - Martha Haylett (ALP), Earl James (Greens), Bernard Quince (Independent), Louise Staley (Liberal Party. Wendouree: Samantha McIntosh (Liberal Party). Given the many reports of devious campaign activities, such as those of the so-called 'preference whisperer', we recommend voting below the line for the Legislative Council (upper house). You are only required to number your first five preferences – so not as demanding as for the Senate in the Federal election. That way you can ensure your vote goes where you want it to go.

BREAZE thanks those candidates who participated in the Forum. Anyone who missed it and wants a better idea of which candidates have the best climate policies should watch the video on the BREAZE Facebook page. With the IPCC advising that GHG emissions must peak by 2025 we know we have no time to lose.

Smart Living Ballarat

Smart Living Ballarat talks host, Ellen Burns has taken the last two sessions for 2022 back to face to face - for warmer months only. The November workshop on Kombucha and Preserving at Barkly Square was fully booked. Fortunately, Ellen had also arranged Facebook livestreaming so no one missed out with others joining the workshop online. Just in time for Christmas, the 21 December Smart Living Ballarat workshop will be on 'Making your own cleaning and beauty products,' – perfect gifts for sustainability-aware friends and family members. Sign up via the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page 

Ballarat Green Drinks

The final Green Drinks talk for 2022 was given by Matt Turner of Enduring Domain Architecture. Matt's talk, 'The future of home: sustainable, accessible affordable,' covered many of insights into how to minimise your carbon footprint when building, along with his own philosophy that informs his professional practice as an architect. 

A BREAZE sub-committee will be confirming the program for 2023 shortly. The program will run from February to November on the third Thursday of every month, from 6:30-8:00 pm.


The BREAZE 2022 AGM was held at Lake View Hotel on 14 November with guest speaker, Jane Lean, talking about the recently launched Newstead Solar Farm. Jane is a former BREAZE Board member, former Chair of the BREAZE Public Fund and former member of the Ballarat Community Power Hub's Project Control Group (2017-2020). Jane moved to Newstead in 2019, taking her zest for community renewables with her, and joined the Renewable Newstead Committee, where she has been part of a process that began around 2012, planning a solar farm to off-set the town's emissions. Jane's excellent presentation – which outlines the various stages the Committee passed through in getting to where it is today – is available on the BREAZE website.

The AGM also saw two new members elected to the Board. A very warm welcome to Lydia Mzondo and Peter Morison for stepping up. 

The BREAZE Board for 2022-2023: Dina Jones (Secretary), Lydia Mzondo, Simon Reid, Paul Tant (Treasurer), Sue Broadway, Campbell Mercer (Vice President) Mary Debrett (President), Sally Missing, Peter Morison, Sue Nunn and Catherine Oakley.

The Board will be discussing ideas for BREAZE in 2023 at our final meeting for 2022 on 19 December. If you have any thoughts on what we should be doing please get in touch and I will forward you the zoom link –

Many thanks for your support for the work of our volunteers. 

All the best


Dr Mary Debrett
President, November 2022                                                    

Since Shell bought out PowerShop CoPower has gone from strength to strength.

What is CoPower you ask?  Well, CoPower is a not-for-profit household electricity provider, of which BREAZE Inc. is an organisational member, and to which you can switch here 

One year ago Shell announced they were buying out Powershop. The news of the multinational fossil fuel behemoth taking over the “green” energy provider shook many energy users into action. Households took a stand against this climate wrecking corporation with a dubious human rights record and the corporate model which allowed it to happen.  Hundreds of households, just like you, saw the opportunity that a not-for-profit cooperative offered and switched their electricity to CoPower.  Together this movement has been building a new commons to ensure our electricity system works for people and our precious planet. 

As a Coop dedicated to supporting social justice and climate justice CoPower re-distributes a proportion of its profits to worthwhile causes as judged by its membership. BREAZE Inc. Social Solar was the fortunate recipient of such a grant recently. We thank CoPower for their contribution to the Social Solar Fund which is dedicated to assisting regional not for profits to access the benefits of renewable energy and related resources - and of course to reducing emissions across our region.


The last 12 months has been massive for CoPower, together we have:

        1. Grown the Cooperative by nearly 4,000 household customer members. 
        2. Collaborated to determine our priorities and run a democratic budget process to determine how our funds are spent, with almost 1,000 households participating.  
        3. Allocated $100,000 to support Climate justice projects including projects such as Our Islands, Our Home, the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor and supporting Filipino workers to mobilise for climate justice demands. 
        4. Been rated in the top 5 in GreenPeace’s Green Electricity Guide .
        5. Got a 4.9 customer rating on Google. 
        6. In an energy market in crisis, with retailers pulling out and fossil fuel corporations making super profits, we’ve survived and continued to provide affordable electricity. 
        7. Enacted a marketing strategy that directs funds towards independent and community-owned media. 
        8. We’re investing $7,250 into socially and community-owned renewables. 
        9. We’re a founding funder of Australia’s first ever cooperative development fund called The Bunya Fund
        10. We’ve built in member discounts with other Earthworker cooperatives that go towards energy efficiency and electrification for our customer members. Helping to bring down fossil fuel use and build a democratic economy at the same time. 
        11. We signed a new retail partnership agreement with Energy Locals which enshrines trade union rights for workers, establishes a yearly meeting with representatives from the climate justice movement to review environmental standards and includes a twice yearly meeting with a household customer member digital advisory committee. 


Looking ahead to next year we face many challenges.  The impacts of the climate crisis continue to shape our daily lives with extreme flooding continuing to threaten many communities across the country. While world leaders have gathered at COP 27 in Egypt, fossil fuel use globally continues to increase and current pledges have the planet set to overshoot the 1.5 degrees celsius “ safe” target by far. The cost of living crisis continues to skyrocket.  Fossil fuel corporations are extracting mega profits from households while paying little to no tax.  Policy makers continue to prescribe austerity as the solution – which hurts workers and is felt most by the vulnerable.

There has never been a more important time to build a future that works for people and the planet. Households are joining together and switching their electricity to CoPower to build a new commons. Household members are getting active and shaping our actions, from building urban biodiversity corridors, standing in solidarity with Torres Strait Islanders demanding justice among rising seas levels or supporting community owned renewable energy. 

BREAZE Inc. is proud to be an organisational member of the CoPower cooperative. BREAZE member, Peter Reid is the elected BREAZE representative on the CoPower Board. 


MDIn Australia, the year 2022 will be remembered by many for the terrible floods, first the east coast of Queensland and NSW, and now north western and central Victoria. While traumatising for affected communities, particularly where homes, businesses and farms have been inundated, as extreme weather events the floods are clear signals that climate change is here and that worse is to come. Globally there is a bare seven years left to get emissions reductions on the right trajectory for net zero by 2050 - the target set to keep global warming to 1.5C and our current best option for avoiding catastrophic climate change. However, there is worse news – we in Australia are facing an even more dire scenario: 'Observations to date indicate Australian warming of around 1.6 °C compared to the globe of around 1.1 °C'. So we need more Australians to get behind calls for closing coal fired power plants and ending gas, coal and oil exploration as soon as possible. With 114 fossil fuel projects still in the investment pipeline across the nation, and with fossil fuel subsidies continuing, there are plenty of reasons for making a lot of noise. It is of course also profoundly bewildering, given Australia's potential to be a clean energy superpower. Even as economists warn of stranded assets, market-driven short termism it seems, continues to be indulged in the face of oncoming climate catastrophe.

At the local level we are focused on doing better and BREAZE Inc. members and supporters have some significant achievements to celebrate. The City of Ballarat has developed a plan for its aspirational community-wide target of net zero emissions by 2030. This is an ambitious target and BREAZE Inc. has been a key player in both the target and the Plan via the Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat (RSAB). We look forward to collaborating with other local community groups dedicated to sustainability and climate action in working with the Council in promoting and implementing the Plan in 2023 and beyond.

BREAZE Inc. has also been lead partner in the Grampians Community Power Hub (G-CPH) 2021-22, delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government. The G-CPH Project Control Group included BREAZE Inc. volunteers, Peter Boadle, Paul Duggan, and myself; Hepburn Branch partner representative, Hepburn Energy Manager, Taryn Lane; Sustainability Victoria's Regional Lead for the Grampians, John van Rooden and Jenny Dickson; and BREAZE-appointed employees, Project Manager, Sowmya Nargaraj and Communications/Admin Officer, Sam Rodgers. The G-CPH undertook community engagement across the 11 local government areas of the Grampians Region, seeking to identify potential community energy projects, which were subsequently supported via feasibility studies, energy audits and other assistance with governance and finance matters. Members of the previous Ballarat CPH Project Control Group: Ross Irving, Ian Rossiter and Peter Reid, also kindly provided expertise and advice.

Read more: 2022 President's Report

2022 AGM   3At the BREAZE 2022 AGM on Monday 14 November,  at Lake View Hotel it was welcome to old friends and new members. Our Guest Speaker was Jane Lean from Renewable Newstead (RE), a former member of the BREAZE Board, Chair of the BREAZE Public Trust, and member of the Ballarat Community Power Hub Project Control Group of 2017-2020. The BREAZE Board also welcomed two new Board members, Lydia Mzondo (second from left in the picture) and Peter Morison who was unable to attend on the night. 

Jane gave a presentation on the process the RE Committee followed in establishing the Newstead Solar farm, launched last month by Minister for Energy and the Environment, Lily d'Ambrosio. 

When Jane moved to Newstead in 2019 she joined the Renewable Newstead (RE) Committee, which was committed to establishing a local solar farm to off-set the town's emissions. The Renewable Solar Farm has a commercial operator, Flow Power. Jane explained much of RE's thinking behind the choice of Flow Power was their substantial backer, a Canadian Superannuation Fund, which mitigates against some of the challenges facing smaller Green Energy companies in current times. Jane covered the three mains steps in the pre-development process: Building social licence, assessing technical feasibility and ascertaining financial feasibility. You can download a pdf of Jane's presentation.

The 2022-23 Board above L-R;  Dina Jones (Secretary), Lydia Mzondo (Board member), Simon Reid (Board member), Paul Tant (Treasurer), Sue Broadway (Board member), Campbell Mercer (Vice President), Mary Debrett (President) - Board members not present: Vany Gunaratnam, Sally Missing, Peter Morison, Sue Nunn and Cathy Oakes.

Members can download the Presidents Report 2022 and the BREAZE Inc 2022 Financial Statements 

Mary Debrett



MDOn 5th October, the BREAZE-organised Building Better Homes for the Future Forum was held for the building sector at the Mercure Hotel, Golden Point. Addressing the audience of approximately 60 – builders, architects and developers – keynote speaker, architect Paul Haar, outlined many of the possibilities of environmentally sustainable design (ESD), referencing the eco community of Mullum Creek at Donvale of which he was founding architect. He was followed by Bradley Hall, Director of Chatham Homes, who outlined some of the regulatory obstacles besetting developers keen to apply ESD with reference to a recent 8 star (NatHERS energy efficiency rating) build undertaken locally by his company. Third speaker Joseph van Dyk, Director of Hygge Property, expanded on this theme referencing his company's recent mid-scale developments in Ballarat and Daylesford, where ESD principles have guided design. Final speaker, City of Ballarat's Natalie Robertson, Director of Development and Growth, acknowledged the current bureaucratic hurdles and outlined the work that the City of Ballarat regarding the Elevating ESD Targets Planning Policy Amendment as a partner in the CASBE (Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment) bid by 24 Victorian Councils seeking an amendment to the Victorian planning scheme to elevate sustainability requirements for new buildings.

The Forum – a collaboration between BREAZE, the Committee for Ballarat and the City of Ballarat – was the product of months of work by a group of BREAZE volunteers coordinated by Board member, Sally Missing. Speaking on the night, Sally noted that despite the expense of her own home energy retro-fit she and her partner were still left with a south facing home - and that ESD planning for new builds is essential if we are to cut housing GHG emissions.  

With the right choices we can build houses that are more comfortable - warmer in winter, cooler in summer and cheaper to run. This is also way better for the environment.The construction industry is responsible for 40% of global emissions.  Australians have the biggest houses in the world and Victorian houses  have the highest carbon intensity in Australia. The average Victorian home has a carbon footprint of 8.8 tonnes per annum compared to the Australian average of 7.0 tonnes per annum. Good design is key to more energy efficient homes – and this is where we believe local developers, builders and planners can help in driving the low energy homes we need to achieve a net zero emissions future.

 Sally Missing, Forum Coordinator

One of the key problems for builders and developers embracing ESD is the price premium at point of sale, with home buyers often more focused on immediate cost savings rather than the long term cost-benefits of a sustainable energy efficient home and the energy savings it brings. Back in 1999 the ACT legislated to make it mandatory to include a home's energy rating in the Section 22 distributed by Estate Agents to prospective buyers at point of sale – a move that saw the value of energy efficient homes increase as public awareness grew. Now finally, this will shortly become mandatory across the nation. 

Zero Emissions Ballarat Plan

It is our understanding that the Final Zero Emissions Ballarat (ZEB) 2030 Plan will be presented to Councillors for adoption later this month. BREAZE hopes to see Council initiatives to assist residents with making the clean energy transition, such as solar and heat pump bulk buys, energy audits, and especially assistance to low income households with energy efficient retro-fits. We will publish a link to the Final Plan once it becomes available.


Smart Living Ballarat

The next upcoming talk on Wednesday 19 October at 12:30-1:30 pm, which will be online, will be on the topic of environmentally sustainable design. Watch the SLB Facebook page for updates. Smart Living Ballarat is a series of free monthly workshops, supported by the City of Ballarat. Join host Ellen Burns on the 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn new skills for living smarter!

This event will be presented via Zoom and streamed live onto the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page. A recording of the event will be available on the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page instantly after the event.To join live and be able to participate in the Q+A, please register for the Zoom presentation here:

Want to Volunteer?

In November and December Smart Living Ballarat will shift into face-to-face mode with some practical workshops:

  • 16 NovemberKombucha & Ferments- presenter tbc
  • 21 DecemberMake your own cleaning & beauty products - personal gifts- presenter tbc

Host, Ellen Burns would like volunteers to help with set up etc at the SLB in-person sessions on 16 November and 21 December. If this is something you would like to volunteer for, please get in touch - email //">

Register here via SLB Facebook  If you miss it, you can still catch it on the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page

Ballarat Green Drinks

On 20 October, upstairs in the Marble Lounge at Lake View Hotel, Bob Hartmann, President of Friends of the Canadian Corridor will talk about the work of this phenomenally successful local land-care group. It is the 10th anniversary of FoCC so please come along and celebrate the group's fantastic achievements - Woowookarung, the Wildflower Trail and the Bunny Trail and more.  Bob's talk will begin at 7:00pm but we suggest you arrive at 6:30pm or earlier to grab a drink and bite to eat and join us for dinner. Bob will talk for about 30 minutes leaving another 30 minutes for Q&A, finishing at 8pm.

The next talks scheduled for Ballarat Green Drinks in 2022 are: 

  • Thursday 17 November- Matthew Turner (Domain Architecture) Our Homes for our Future: Functional, Affordable, Desirable! Shifting mindsets in what we want as a home.


Climate March - 22 October 1pm

BREAZE Vice President, Campbell Mercer will be one of the speakers at this month's Climate March on Saturday 22 October. People planning to attend, and we urge BREAZE members and friends to please consider it, should assemble at Civic Hall at 1 pm. The March will proceed via Lydiard Street 

to the Town Hall where it is anticipated performers will join with the speakers in informing, inspiring and entertaining the protestors. If you want tan end to the fossil fuel industry, and to end logging of native forests, and to see Australia's emissions reductions accelerated, please come along and add your voice - we need more noise for climate action.

Candidates Climate Forum - 13 November 2-4pm

BREAZE Inc. will be holding a Candidates Climate Forum on 13 November from 2-4 pm at the Ballarat Technical School to give local voters a chance to question candidates standing for Eureka, Wendouree and Rippon in the up-coming Victorian State Election on 26 November. Please mark it in your calendar. We aim to put climate action on the agenda for this election. 

Board Meetings

If you like what we do and think you might like to join in some of our projects, whether for advocacy or practical action or have perhaps have ideas about how you can help BREAZE achieve its mission, please note BREAZE members are welcome to attend monthly Board meetings. Any member interested in attending should email me – 

All the best


Dr Mary Debrett
President, October 2022