BREAZE Inc. Board 2020

Photo on 19 1 20 at 2.20 pm 2 President - Mary Debrett

Now in her fourth year as a board member, Mary moved to Ballarat with her partner after she retired. A former teacher, she initiated the World Environment Day Children's Writing      Competition with BREAZE in 2018 and continues with her own writing—non-fiction and fiction—on climate and environment-related issues. A media and communications academic with a background in documentary making and a special research interest in media coverage of climate change, Mary spent many years analysing how the climate communication crisis —the 20 year faux debate: is it really happening?— exacerbated Australia's climate policy void. She is now enjoying collaborating with other BREAZE members, advocating for and working on practical local solutions.


Pat Hockey 1Secretary - Pat Hockey

Pat Hockey is a digital marketing strategist and horticulture specialist. He has extensive knowledge and experience of climate change advocacy with a special interest in superannuation divestment, sustainable housing and transport. He holds degrees in the social sciences and education and is an experienced teacher. He tutors in sharemarket investing with an emphasis on ethical funds and the renewables sector. He reasons that based purely on the science, climate change must be in the foreground of all of our decision making.

Reid-Peter181x200 Treasurer – Peter Reid.

Now in his fourth year as a board member, Peter is a communications engineer with a wealth of experience in not for profit boards. Peter has been instrumental in the development of Breaze’s Social Solar project and is interested in technology associated with energy generation, distribution and storage and sustainable transport.

Peter joined BREAZE because he believes that sustainable communities are needed to ensure that future generations have the same advantages that his generation enjoyed.
Peter has been an engineer for over 40 years and has seen the rise of information technology and communications (ITC).  Peter believes that the intelligent use of ITC can facilitate the transition to a sustainable future.  He is interested in the “smart grid” and how distributed energy sources e.g. solar, wind etc. can wean our society off carbon based fuels.


JH IMG 8983Chair BREAZE Public Fund - Jeremy Hunt 

 I am a retired IT consultant and teacher. I have been concerned about anthropogenic global warming since the 70s. Since then I ave tried to have a low carbon footprint by  considering  what was    available and choosing the least polluting lifestyle. A friend introduced me to BREAZE three years ago. I got involved. I was impressed with our Social Solar Program which provides the benefits of cheap renewable energy to socially disadvantaged people and reduces their carbon footprint. I like how we provide helpful information to interested people via programs such as Green Drinks and Smart Living Ballarat. I also like how we try to work Locally with Government, Commerce and ordinary people to reduce the carbon footprint of Ballarat. Join us and see how you can make a difference. 

 Paul Duggan

Paul Duggan – now in his forth year as a board member, Paul  has significant experience and skills in analysts, project management, and information technology.   


Screen Shot 2019 03 30 at 2.56.01 pmTony Goodfellow - Tony lives in Ballarat with his wife and 5 year old who inspires much of his community activism. He has experience in advocacy, community education and engagement experience throughout Australia and is passionate about action on climate change. He works as Community Educator for Australian Wind Alliance, the national community voice for wind, and recently finished Master of Environment at University of Melbourne. He has previously obtained a Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies with Honours in Sociology from University of Tasmania where he was also involved in the “Forest for Climate” campaign. He previously worked in Wadeye, an Aboriginal community, as a technical assistant for the rangers. Tony thinks Ballarat could be a world leader in climate action and be the capital of the future zero-carbon economy.

 Madeline Townsend

therese profile picture 1Therese Footner - Therese joined the BREAZE board in December 2019.
She has a background in education and is now working as a health care worker. Therese has recently moved to Ballarat. She has interest in environmental issues.

She joined Ballarat Climate Action Network to work with others to plan and organise an event to promote awareness and action on climate change. Therese joined the BREAZE board to contribute to ways to urge leaders to conserve the natural environment and transition to renewable energy.


Simon Reid Profile Picture 201501Simon Reid – now in his third year as a board member, Simon is well known to most members through his passionate involvement in many BREAZE initiatives since formation and his role as Director of Breaze Energy Solutions.



EL IMG 1803 1Emily Lee - joined the BREAZE board in December 2019

Our family moved to Ballarat 15 years ago and after joining BREAZE I started attending their series of education workshops.  I then commenced improving the   thermal properties of our weatherboard home.  Initially this was reducing drafts and improving ceiling insulation.  Later works included installing underfloor insulation, adding solar panels and eventually replacing the windows with double glazing.  We have since moved to a different home which has solar panels, is brick and built on a slab so it has better warmth holding capacity however it has many, many drafts so I am starting over again.

I am passionate about what the average person can achieve at home.  Specifically, the generation of energy and water at a household level, minimising waste and growing quality food at home.  I love talking to people about their food’s journey and help them understand where their food comes from.  I am a qualified horticulturist and a member of the local Landcare group.  I joined the BREAZE board to learn more about the valuable programs supported by BREAZE and to add my voice to BREAZE negotiating for a better environment.



Suzanne Nunn


Sally Missing 


Treasurer, Paul Tant 


Chair BREAZE Public Fund, Jakki Mikus