Smart Living Ballarat

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Smart Living Ballarat: December 21 - Making Comfrey Balm

SLB December 2022Lidwine Oliver is a Ballarat local who makes her own beauty and skincare products at home.

She will be demonstrating how to make a multi-purpose comfrey and plantain balm moisturiser.
The session was held in person at the Barkly Square kitchen across from A Pot of Courage.
The session was streamed live and posted to the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page.
Smart Living Ballarat is a monthly series of free workshops, looking at different aspects of sustainable living.
SLB, hosted by Ellen Burns is a collaboration between BREAZE Inc. and the City of Ballarat.

November 16 Smart Living Ballarat: Kombucha workshop

How to make kombuchSLB November 2022a and pickles!  
The November SLB was  held at the commercial kitchen in Barkly Square, across from A Pot of Courage. 
We were be joined by Jenny Tait Murnane, who will be taking us through a kombucha making demonstration.
In the second half, Ellen will demonstrate a quick pickling method that can be used for all kinds of vegetables to help make the most of seasonal produce and lower food waste. There are a limited number of spots to attend in person so please reserve a free ticket!
All those who miss out on a ticket will still be able to watch the session, as it was streamed live to the Smart Living Ballarat Facebook page.
Smart Living Ballarat is a series of free monthly workshops, put on in collaboration between BREAZE and the City of Ballarat.
Join host Ellen Burns on the 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn new skills for living smarter.  Ellen Burns



Smart Living Ballarat - September 21 - Growing Vegetables Successfully

SLB Ditchy 15922

Ditchy is back for the September Smart Living Ballarat!

GROWING VEGETABLES SUCCESSFULLY: Hints on planting and protecting vegetables. Come along and get set up to plant your Spring and Summer veggies right!

This talk by John Ditchburn (Ditchy) draws on over thirty years' experience of growing vegetables in Ballarat. Areas the talk will cover include:

•  How soil temperature affects seed germination,
•  What vegetables are best planted as seeds and what as seedlings,
•  Soil preparation for different types of veggies,
•  The importance of soil PH,
•  Protecting your vegetables using The Three D’s staged approach to pest control.
Join host Ellen Burns on the 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn new skills for living smarter!