Installation Summary

1for1watt transThe One Dollar for One Watt project started by adding 1.5 kW of solar to each of four recently built units in Ballarat. These units house young single people.

Next, a combined 6.2 kW of solar was added to two townhouses in Ararat that accommodate people with a disabled family member.

Now we want to put 3.8 kW of solar on each of two properties in Stawell that are offered to young, single mums with nowhere else to go.

More properties will be added soon; we're just waiting for 'size of array' assessments to be completed and photos to be taken.

Have a look at all the properties - choose can yours from the 'Up for Adoption' list. You don't have to donate the full amount because this is our One Dollar for One Watt campaign and One Dollar is just fine.

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Social Housing Solar Status