BREAZE Social Solar

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BREAZE Social Solar program aims to put solar PV on every not-for-profit building in our region.

But we need your help—to foster a bit of climate justice across the community.

Please consider a donation or joining our Social Solar Action Group - details in our May newsletter. 

Donations can be made via this website or our Facebook page. BREAZE’s goal is zero emissions by 2030 and we are unashamedly ambitious about this. 

Our latest project is the Community House at the Charles Anderson Grove Retirement Village, which is operated by local philanthropic group, the Old Colonists Association.

BREAZE Social Solar projects have added over 67kW of solar PV across the region since 2016. That is equivalent to removing approximately 60 metric tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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BREAZE uses your donations to leverage public grants from funding agencies to make every dollar go further to increase our impact.