SHDRevised logoSustainable House Day will be September 16th, 2018.

The Sustainable House Day Website has all the information about this event.    They will also list all the available houses closer to the event.

BREAZE is again looking to coordinate this and associated events for the Ballarat region.

To ensure we have another great "Sustainable House Week" we need

  • Houses

  • Volunteers

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September 17th, 20172017 09 17 Sus house day Poster

BREAZE will again be assisting with the coordination of Sustainable House Day in the Ballarat Region. 

Five houses are open in the Ballarat region. To get the addresses, and see all the houses that will be open for Sustainable House Day, you will need to go to the Sustainable House Day Web Site , register and then login.
> Register on the Sustainable House Day web site - direct link

> log into the Sustainable House Day web site - direct link

Below, (or look at News > Sustainable House Day - 2017) you will find some information on the five houses.

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 Reverse Brick Veneer

This house has been designed for the ‘down-sizer’. It incorporates solar orientation; reverse brick veneer construction; 2 bedrooms; study; one bathroom (no ensuite/s); floor levels and roof to suit thermosyphon solar/wood heating for Hot Water; double glazed awning and casement windows; under floor, wall and ceiling insulation; a thermal chimney; zoned plumbing; pergola above north decking; good ventilation. The result is a light-filled, comfortable house that is easy to heat and cool.


Check out this and other houses on the Sustainable House Day web site.




  • lille skovContemporary, 8 star, 4 bedroom family home with study and studio, situated in 20 acres of eucalypt forest. BAL 29, Environmental Significance Overlay.
  • Orientated North to maximise sun exposure for solar array and passive heating.
  • Passive heating through extensive thermal mass.
  • Maximum allowable glazing to the north to allow deep sun penetration in winter.
  • Minimal glazing to the south to minimise heat loss in winter.
  • Solar track modelling to determine eave positioning and widths to prevent sun penetration in summer and maximise penetration in winter.
  • Windows and doors positioned to allow cross ventilation for passive cooling.
  • Air lock entry to prevent heat loss/gain.
  • Stand alone 11kW solar power system. PV with battery storage.
  • On site waste water treatment and irrigation system.

Check out this and other houses on the Sustainable House Day web site.

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Mungo ParkNewlyn


The design draws on inspiration from surrounding examples of vernacular farmhouses and shedding which have endured the ravages of time and use. The new building will occupy the site of a former house lost to fire. Many elements of the previous century of occupation remain on the site and the layers of history will now be preserved to create the heritage of tomorrow.

Check out this and other houses on the Sustainable House Day web site.

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Steve and ZoesSpringMount


The owners of this property built there strawbale home on what was formally a harvested pine plantation Through years of hard work they have transformed this derelict land into an abundant edible garden and together with their highly energy efficient home have created an enviable example of self-sufficiency on a small acerage. The entire home is heated using a double-sided wood heater with fuel taken from fallen trees on their property. A worm farm system takes care of treating all blackwater on site, and dam water is used to irrigate edible gardens overnight.

Check out this and other houses on the Sustainable House Day web site.

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