Gib Wettenhall on Sustainable building with timber - 21 September Green Drinks


2023 Sept BGD Gib Wettenhall

Next up at Ballarat Green Drinks - Thursday 21 September 6:30-8pm - Gib Wettenhall OAM will talk about biorich plantation and sustainable buiding with timber.
An award winning author, with a background in journalism, editing and law, Gib turned to tree growing, managing a biorich plantation at Lal Lal. 
The biorich plantation optimises habitat for wildlife while offering resources to landowners for income diversification.
A founding member of the Ballarat Region Treegrowers (BRT) and editor of Australian Forest Growers magazine for 14 years, Gib is committed to sustainable forestry and the ethos of going local and going slow, to minimise energy use and emissions.
As Secretary of BRT, Gib has been involved in a 2021 project fund raising for and overseeing the construction of a 21st century Aussie drop-slab hut by young wood craftsman, Lachie Park, the old slow 'green wood' way, without nails, deploying a minimum of machinery and choosing natural unprocessed products. 
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