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With a Sustainability Crisis, Electricity Prices rising and Fossil Gas no longer a lower cost option, it is getting harder for households to live with a clear conscience while keeping their energy costs under control.  The good news is that by installing Solar Power and Solar Hot Water or Heat Pump Hot Water you can protect YOUR family household from electricity price increases ... and be happy to know that you are living more sustainably at the same time !


We can now help you claim up to $2,225 (up to 50%) Off our Everyday Value Prices !!!


BREAZE Energy Solutions is not a National Retailer with a Call Centre of Operators who will answer the Phone instantly (but whose Casualized Staff don't take an interest in your Personal Circumstances)  ...... nor do we bus in Door-Knockers from Melbourne who read off a Sales Script ..... nor are we just a Bulk Buying Group trying to offer you a better price ...

BREAZE Energy Solutions  is a Team of Highly Technical Energy Consultants who are passionate about Sustainability and the Technological Solutions that can help us achieve it.  Our Consultants include a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Designer, an Electrical Engineer & an Energy Auditor.    We actually enjoy gathering all the information we need to design a quality right-sized Solar Power System tailored to your specific needs now and into the future... Yes, no denying it, we are Renewable Energy Geeks !!! 

And as a Design, Supply & Install Operation locally-owned in the Central Highlands of Victoria and committed to Regional Support, we want to build Ongoing Relationships with Purchasers.  We actually want to take the Phone Call from you 18 Months after purchase to hear how it is going and give you some Free Advice about how to get the most out of your System ... because we love working through problems to find solutions (Did I mention that we are Renewable Energy Geeks ???)

Please see the Contact Details on the left of this page to locate your nearest Solar Consultant ...


* Grid-Connected Solar Power

* Grid-Connected Solar Power with Battery Storage

* Integrated Solar Power and Solar Hot Water Solutions

* Standalone / Off-Grid Power Systems

* A Plan to disconnect your Home from the Mains Grid gradually (chosing the Right Components now for reuse in the Future)

* MicroInverters (or Traditional String Inverters)

* A Plan to "Get Off Gas" and go All-Electric (ending the pain of a second Daily Service Charge)


* The Right Advice from people who are passionate about Solar and Tailored Solution Design (not just selling what is "On the Shelf" this week)

* Experience in the Solar Industry since 2007

* A Team including a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Designer, an Electrical Engineer & an Energy Auditor.  And the type of people who convert Petrol Cars to Electric for fun.

* Quality Solar Panels, Inverters and Electrical Components from Trusted Brands

* Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Installers

* All Grid Connection and Compliance Paperwork handled for you

* Ongoing Local Support

* Remote Monitoring via the Internet

* Support from an an organization that is an authorized Fronius Service Partner

 * Support from an an organization that has 3 Selectronic Accredited Integrators on its Team:  David, Karl and Simon.



If you have had a Solar Power System installed by BREAZE, and would like to show it off, we'd love to help!
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Did you know?

1) Installing solar can reduce the average price your household pays for for electricity to as little as 6c to 10c per Kilowatt Hour (kWh) !  How much is your household paying ?

2) A household can pay off a decent quality solar power system in as little as 5 Years ! (And enjoy the benefits of Free Electricity for the remainder of its 25 Year plus working life)

3) The Economic Value of the Solar Power depends on whether you use it on site (to avoid paying to import from the Mains Grid) or export it to earn a Feed-In Tariff (which can varying depending on the Time Day) -- we can design a System that best matches your Electricity Demand Profile

4) Installing a solar power system on a new house and adding the cost to your mortgage repayments can cost no more than your electricity bill ... and once you pay the system off, you own an asset that has improved your house - invest in your own home, instead of paying the power company !

5) Traditional Electricity Retailers are entering a "Death Spiral" as more and more households and businesses reduce their demand for electricity by chosing Energy Efficient Appliances/Lighting and generating their own renewable energy with solar power systems.  The reduced demand forces the Electricity Retailers to put up their prices to pay for their fixed infrastructure costs.  The higher prices drive more and more customers to seek to reduce their demand or generate their own.  What are you doing to protect your household from spiralling electricity price increases ?


Get a Free Property Report from the Victorian Government to see whether you are in a Heritage Overlay area and therefore might need a Planning Permit to put solar panels on your home if they are visible from the street.



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