Off-Grid/Standalone Power Systems

Off-Grid/Standalone Power Systems

More and More Households are chosing to go Completely Off-Grid putting them in control of the Sustainable Sourcing of their Energy and the Costs (no More Monthly Bills !!!)

The Team at BREAZE Energy Solutions really enjoys designing Off-Grid/Standalone Solar Power Systems.  Our Core Team includes a Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer, an Electrical Engineer and an Energy Auditor.  Many factors must be weighed up in order to arrive at a Design that actually provides Enough Energy & Power at the right level of Convenience but comes in within Budget -- and we enjoy the Challenge of juggling these !!!

We take a Whole of Household Energy Budget Approach and will ask you do work with us to do a detailed Load Assessment before offering you a Costed Proposal.   And will help you work through ways of Reducing your Electricity Demand rather than offer you Extravagantly Sized (and therefore Priced !!!) Systems.  We can offer you Hot Water Options that fit into your Overall Household Energy Budget and can reduce the Overall Cost of an Off-Grid Power System.

We work with a Limited Range of Quality Brands such as Selectronic and Victron.  For an Off-Grid Standalone Power System that our customers are relying on, potentially in a Remote Area, we do not want to mess around with Low Quality and Unsupported Products !!!  And we install Remote Monitoring on these systems so we can support you and advise you about your Ongoing Energy Use.

If you have an Existing Off-Grid Solar System, we are familiar with Other Quality Brands like Schneider-Electric, Xantrex, Plasmatronics & Others... and can help you with Inverter Upgrades and Battery Replacement for Older Systems including the required reprogramming of Inverters and Chargers.

If you are On-Grid now and see yourself going Completely Off-Grid later (either because you want the Independence or because you are concerned that you might be FORCED to go Completely Off-Grid if the continuing undermining of the Business Model of the Mains Grid by Solar Power sees it eventually shutdown in remote areas), we can help with a Staged Process whereby we install Grid-Connect Solar Inverters now that can be reused in Off-Grid Systems later in a way that is Fully Supported under Warranty, and then add an On-Grid Battery Set that can be expanded later when you go Off-Grid ...

Off-Grid/Standalone Power System Examples

 Off Grid Standalone Solar Power Seletronic SP PRO Inverter Charger Selectronic Certified Fronius Solar Inverter web    Off Grid Standalone Solar Power Victron Inverter Charger Victron Solar Charge Controller web
  • Selectronic SP-PRO 482 Inverter-Charger
  • Seletronic-Certified Fronius Primo 6kW Solar Inverter
  • GenZ Lithium 48V Battery Set
  • Victron MultiPlus Compact Inverter-Charger
  • Victron BlueSolar DC Solar Charge-Controllers
  • BAE Lead-Acid 12V Battery Set

 Recommended Off-Grid/Hybrid Battery Inverter-Charger Brands

 Selectronic Battery Chargers


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