Welcome to the new website

web pageAfter nearly ten years the time has come for another website revamp.   

In this time, the sustainable landscape has changed, as there is more information on the web, many more sustainable groups operating in our region.

The website now presents news, events and information in the following Categories

  • BREAZE - Information about BREAZE, membership, newsletters and volunteers
  • Sustainability - All our local actions, ideas and events (except food - it gets its own category)
  • Local Food -  local food environment in the Ballarat Region
  • Business & Government - Federal, State, local government and semi government, and Businesses

Information is presented via the following:

  • Activities - the major activities / projects currently undertaken by BREAZE
  • Featured - the current critical news and events
  • News - all the news (including news from external groups)
  • Events - all the events (including events from external groups)

Over the next 12 months the website will continue to enhance the website including:

  • reviewing BREAZE Enterprise Solutions components of the website
  • automation of membership and newsletters
  • incorporating the Smart Living website into the BREAZE website

and don't forget

The website has been redevelopped, and will be maintained by volunteers.   If you would like to assist contact

  • If you like the new website like us on facebook
  • If you would like information from the old website please contact  
  • If you find errors and ommissions please contact