Stephanie Davison - Gardens for Wildlife Ballarat - 17 August

2023  BGD Auugust

 Next up at Ballarat Green Drinks on 17 August at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel, 401 Pleasant St South - Stephanie Davison of Gardens for Wildlife Ballarat will be talking on Creating a Garden Haven for Little Birds

Birds add colour and movement to our gardens and their antics never fail to fascinate. When asked, people always say they would like to attract more birds - especially wrens, robins, spinebills, honeyeaters and thornbills. It’s simple to make spaces in your garden where the little birds can feel safe and thrive. In the process you’ll attract other wildlife to your patch and enjoy the many benefits of gardening for wildlife.

Stephanie is a long-term volunteer at the City of Ballarat Indigenous Plant Nursery, an active member of the Wattle Flat Pootilla Landcare Group and a founding member of Gardens for Wildlife Ballarat. Her talk is based on the practical experience of growing and observing indigenous plants and animals in gardens and natural landscapes around Ballarat. 

Come and join us for drinks/dinner. Great talks by local experts followed by Q&A. Green Dirinks is a great way to network, meet people and learn about what's happening in Ballarat. 6:30-8pm.

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