President’s Message - October 2016

2016 05 SSBB Launch 8It’s been an action packed few months for BREAZE members with Sustainable House Day, the renewal of BREAZE’s permit to conduct the Ballarat Farmers Market for the next 2 years and the unveiling of BREAZE’s first community renewable energy project at BRI last Thursday.

While these events have consumed much time and effort by our Board and volunteers, we have also been busy in our advocacy roles making a submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry into Community Renewable Energy Projects and responses in the media to the recent criticism of the progressive state’s renewable energy targets.

As this letter goes out it is apparent from world news that our warming seas and atmosphere are increasing the magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events, while many governments and corporations are trying to convince communities that a business as usual response will maintain our economies, civil order and lifestyle. If this is the new world under an increase of one degree Celsius , it is appalling to think that our current trajectory to 4 degrees can be considered acceptable.

I urge members to think about the decisions made at the ballot box, in investments and in consumer preferences as these will in the long term determine the future for humanity and the earth’s flora and fauna.

For those members living in the City of Ballarat, I have surveyed the candidates for Councillor Elections on their top three issues and actions that could be taken on climate change, which have been published on our website: Ballarat Council Candidates responses

I would like to thank our many dedicated members who have assisted in delivery of these important initiatives and our operation of the Ballarat Farmers Market and Smart Living Ballarat program in recent weeks.

Ian Rossiter