Net Zero Emissions Homes Petition

Sustainable HomeThe Australian energy and climate change provisions of our National Construction Code (NCC) are currently being updated after an 11 year long hiatus.  While you might have thought that the IPCC's AR6 report calling a Code Red for emissions reductions would make it a no-brainer to update the NCC and mandate that all new homes be designed and constructed to be zero emissions, particularly when it's simple and cost-effective to do so.  From day one, a net zero home reduces energy costs by far more than the tiny increases it might mean to mortgage costs, providing a more comfortable and healthy home equipped with rooftop solar and low energy overheads.

The only stakeholders not to benefit from mandating zero emission homes are the energy suppliers so even a modest improvement to the NCC energy efficiency requirements is facing opposition.  We HAVE to demand better from our State and Territory governments that legislate and enforce the NCC.

More details available on the Zero Emissions Homes website and facebook page. We want as many signatures as possible on our petition to the Building Ministers Meeting and to flood the email box of our respective State and Territory Planning, Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministers urging them to adopt a net zero mandate for each State or Territory and ideally for the whole nation as the National Construction Code.  Our easy to use letter template is here.  Watch the video to lean more.