BREAZE 2023-24 Board elected at AGM on 20th November

BREAZE logoThanks to all who came to the 2023 BREAZE Inc. AGM on 20 November.

Congratulations to the new 2023-24 BREAZE Board elected at our AGM at the Royal Mail Hotel, Sebastopol.

• President: Campbell Mercer
• Vice President: Sally Missing
• Treasurer: Vandna Chawla
Secretary: Pete Morison
Ordinary Board Members: Sue Broadway, Lydia Mzondo, Cathy Oakley, Sue Nunn, Mary Debrett, Vany Gunaratnam, Simon Reid.
The Board is looking forward to another year of working with the Ballarat community, driving our Ballarat Zero Emissions (BZE) 2030 target. Want to help? Get in touch.

 You can Read the President's 2023 Report here.