Ballarat 2023/24 Draft Budget: Have Your Say

Screen Shot 2023 05 04 at 11.51.30 amMySay Ballarat is currently seeking feedback on the  Ballarat Draft 2023/24 Budget until 5 pm 19 May. We think much more funding needs to be allocated to the Ballarat community-wide 2030 Net Zero Plan- BZE 2030 - there's less than 7 years left. Check out the Draft 2023/24 Budget on MySay Ballarat. Make your voice heard.

The Ballarat Zero Emissions Plan, passed on 26 October 2022, commits to a community wide net zero emissions target by 2030. The Plan was written in consultation with local stakeholders from industry, commerce and community groups from across the city. It details 50 Actions under five key outcomes:

1. Net Zero Business
2. Net Zero Homes 
3. Net Zero New Developments
4. Net Zero Transport
5. Net Zero Waste

We think the City of Ballarat's Climate Action Program is very good and congratulate Council on endorsing such progressive policies. However, we fear these policies are in the end only as good as the resources allocated to them.

The summary of Environmental Sustainable Initiatives on page 8 of the Draft 2023/24 Budget indicates that $210,000 has been allocated for the Climate Action Program - which includes both the Council's own corporate Carbon Neutrality 100% Renewables Action Plan (with a target of net zero by 2025), AND the community-wide Ballarat Zero Emissions net zero by 2030 Plan. Make no mistake, this is more than some Councils. But it is also a long way short of what we need to meet this target.

We are asking all our BREAZE friends and associates to let Council staff and your ward councillors know what you think about the budget. What do you think should be Council's top priorities in achieving its own self declared number one goal in the four year Council Plan 2021-25: An Environmentally Sustainable Future? (see page 19)

What are the Actions that you would like to see funded? How much do you think the 2023/24 Budget should have allocate to the Plan? Which Actions in the BZE Plan do you think are important?

Australians have had a rough few years now from climate change with numerous extreme weather events - first the Black Summer bushfires and then the floods and now with the shift back to El Nino more dry weather to come - all much more extreme than we have been used to in the past.

We know broadly what we must do, but the community needs leadership and assistance. Let's help Council get this right. The deadline for the MySay public feedback is 5pm 19 May. If you make a submission you are also entitled to appear in person at an unscheduled Council meeting on 7 June 6:30 pm, to talk to councillors about your submission. We think this is a very good opportunity to have a robust and honest discussion about the challenges facing our community as a result of climate change. We thank Council for the opportunity to have input. 

There is also an online information session at which you can meet with Council staff and ask questions about the budget on 9 May 5-6pm. To register email