Community Power Hub Ballarat Names Flagship Project

CPH Ballarat Stacked Logo Reversed on BlueBREAZE has been delivering the Victorian Government’s Community Power Hub (CPH) Pilot Program for Ballarat since mid 2017. During this period the BREAZE volunteers have contributed over 1,250 hours investigating the feasibility of over 40 proposals for community owned, operated or funded renewable energy projects.

The CPH Ballarat Project Control Group has completed the following projects by provision of technical and financial evaluation:
• Ballan Community House Solar Electricity and Energy Efficiency Project (Funded by Hepburn Wind Farm and Powershop)
• McCallum Disability Services Packing Facility 40kW Solar PV (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Coghills Creek Community Hall 6kW Solar PV (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Skipton Hospital Straw Heating (Funded by Renewable Communities Fund)
• Invermay Recreation Centre Solar PV

Other projects still under evaluation are:
• Mollongghip and District Power Hub
• Peel Street Heritage Multi Tenancy PV and Wind Shared Electricity Supply
• Ballarat General Cemeteries PV and Crematorium Heat Re-use
• Dunkeld Bulk Purchase for Domestic PV Installations
• Biomass Powered Drying Kilns
• Ballarat Regional Industries (Wendouree) Solar PV
• Creating a Ballarat Biomass Supply Chain
• Ballarat Squash and Racquetball Centre Solar PV
• Swimming with Biomass (Pool Heating with wood or straw)

The CPH Ballarat has identified its flagship project, which will receive additional resources for implementation in 2019, namely East Grampians Health Services (EGHS) Solar PV. The project has involved assessment of EGHS’ electricity and gas consumption, alternative renewable energy systems for each of its facilities (wind, bioenergy, heat pumps and PV) and assessed the return on investment and levelised cost of power. The project proposes to install 225 kW of rooftop PV systems in a staged program to compliment capital works and fundraising potential. The installations are proposed to be funded through an extensive donations appeal and targeted grant applications to wind farms, philanthropic organisations and government programs. Savings based on current electricity costs with amount to $1.65 million over the life of the assets, allowing more funds to be allocated to acute and aged care and staff development. A funding prospectus is currently being developed jointly by CPH Ballarat and EGHS in order to launch the project appeal in early 2019. EGHS   Ararat Aerial Shot 11.2017EGHS Logo