Ballarat Federal Election Candidates Climate Action Scorecard

BREAZE has utilised the questionnaire developed by the Kooyong Climate Alliance to provide electors in the Ballarat House of Representatives with a comparison on the commitment of each of the candidates to taking serious action on climate change. 

Questionnaires were distributed to each of the 7 candidates over a week ago and where responses have been received, the candidates have been ranked on responses in categories of action displayed. Responses have been received from 4 of the candidates, namely Bryn Hills (AJP), Karen McAloon (Greens), Nick Shady (Independent) and Catherine King (Labor).

BREAZE urges voters to make this the CLIMATE ELECTION meaning putting action on climate change as the highest priority issue for our elected Federal Parliament. 

How our Candidates ranked on action on climate change:


Ballarat Candidate Scorecard

The questions posed are attached in the attached questionnaire. BREAZE Scorecard Candidates Questionnaire.pdf

No responses were received from, Peter Cozyn (UAP), Alex Graham (Independent) and Timothy Vo (Liberal).