Action Group - Question and Answer

What is an Action Group?

An Action Group is a sub group within BREAZE which runs activities independently from the board.

What type of activities?

Any activity that that relates to BREAZE and its vision.

What Action Groups are there.

All the Action Groups are under the Community Action Menu Item 

Who can run an Action Group?

Any group of members can run an Action Group

 What are the benefits of running an Action Group within BREAZE?

  • As a group within the incorporated body "BREAZE" you are covered by the general protections of incorporated bodies.
  • You are covered by BREAZE's insurance.
  • BREAZE's not for profit  atxable donations may be avaialable to you.
  • Your activities can be 'marketed' through BREAZE newsletters, facebook etc.
  • Action Group will be part of the BREAZE website.

What are the restrictions.

  • All Action Group members need to be a member of BREAZE ( this is for legal and insurance reasons).
  • Can not be associated with a political party.

How are costs involved.

  • All Action Group Members need to be members of BREAZE.
  • There may be an incremental insurance cost if your activity is not covered by the current BREAZE insurance.

Can I apply for grants through Action Groups.

If the grant is relevant to BREAZE and does not conflict with any of BREAZE's programs then the BOARD would be pleased to work with your group on this.

How do I form an Action Group.

Talk to a board member.

Does the group need to be represented at Board Meetings.

  • BREAZE would welcome any represenations at the board meetings but this is not compulsory.
  • Any significant activity would need to be approved by the Board
  • One page executive summary either monthly or quarterly depending on current activity levels (provided 1 week prior to Board meetings)

What is a significant activity?

  • Any activity aiming to involve more than 5 people from the general public ?
  • Any activity aiming to involve more than 20 BREAZE members.
  • Any paid event ?
  • Any activity likely to get media attention.

Why does the Board need to approve significant activities?

  • BREAZE needs to protect its brand.
  • Ensure Board is aware of BREAZE activities.
  • Avoid conflicts of events within BREAZE and other related activities in Ballarat Region

How are finances handled.

  • The finances of the Action Group are kept seperate from the BREAZE finances.    The BREAZE treasurer (or representative) will need access to your bank account for governance purposes.
  • BREAZE may provide financial support, however in general action groups will be self sufficient.
  • The action group will need to nominate a minimum of 2 people to approve/manage transactions for the sub group.